Patent-Pending Tailornova Technology

We use machine learning, 3D simulation with real physics, and proprietary anthropometric generative design algorithms to solve the global problem of apparel over-production, which is the second largest source of freshwater pollution in the world.

Our technology generates complex designs and patterns in seconds, made-to-measure to any size, height and body shape with unparalleled fit accuracy.

We use machine learning and several independent fully interconnected systems to instantly generate custom designs and patterns that fit any given human body.

The first system generates an accurate 3D human body based on 15 simple measurements (or in the near future a scan). The second system, generates designs and patterns based on the configured design parameters and a 3D human body for the given measurements.

The Third system automatically simulates a resulting design in 3D, using real physics.

Our Innovations

Instant Virtual 3D Try On: full garment stitching automation is performed by machine learning to accelerate the process. We utilize 3D simulation of textiles using physics.

Custom-fit Patterns: our proprietary anthropometric generative design algorithms are parametric and configure custom garment designs and patterns in the cloud environment in seconds.

Algorithmic Layout For Pattern Cutting: we have innovated methodology of pattern layout to minimize fabric yield either for a single garment or a production marker.

Innovating The Future: we are currently working on development of Artificial Intelligence system that will provide instant pattern design and 3D simulation from a single sketch or a garment photo, made-to-measure to any given body parameters.

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