Learn how to design your own clothes with brand-new 3d design software.

Easy to learn. Fun to use. Hobbyists to Pros.
Unlimited original designs and patterns in seconds, custom-fitted to any size, shape and height
Lengthen Patterns
with One Click

Tailornova smart templates come in up to 10 different lengths.

With just a single click you can change the length of your design and preview all of the components needed for complete fashion and pattern design: 2D flat sketch, custom-fit pattern and a 3D FitModel™ (coming soon).

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Automated Pattern Measurements

Spending extra time on measuring your pattern pieces to get specs is no longer required. Let our intelligent system do the hard work for you, while you enjoy the creative aspects of design and sewing.

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Ease Adjustment

Ease adjustment feature is useful to anyone who has ever wanted to know exactly the amount of ease built into their patterns.

You can also choose from a selection of pre-determined ease settings or customize your own. Choose a type of fabric, stretch factor and fit and the pattern will automatically re-draft to reflect your choices with remarkable accuracy and speed.

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and much-much more...
Tailornova List of Features
Smart Intermixable Templates Create Infinite Design Possibilities in Seconds
Pre-built patent-pending smart templates create billions of original designs and patterns in seconds, custom-fit to any height, size and shape.
MTM Patterns, Flat Sketches & 3D Samples
Visualize designs in 3D on your own body (coming soon) and instantly get custom patterns ready to cut and sew
True-to-Life 3D FitModel™
Customize your own realistic 3D FitModel™ with just a few measurements. Our exclusive 3D FitModel™ are built using a combination of body shape recognition technology and predictive measurements system, based on thousands of body scans.
Vector 2D Flat Sketches
Create millions of downloadable vector designs and flat sketches to use in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw for further design manipulation. Instantly fill with fabrics and color to preview your designs.
PDF Patterns to Print at Home or Plot
Tailornova patterns are customized in design and size and can be instantly previewed in a browser. Sewing patterns then printed or downloaded in a PDF format layed out for home printers or
DXF and DXF-aama for CAD Import
Patterns can be downloaded in a DXF format. DXF files can be then imported into Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or other patternmaking CAD systems for further pattern manipulation.
Seam Allowance Options
Select from several choices of industry standard seam allowances or get your patterns without any.
Sewing Instructions
Enjoy step-by-step sewing instructions automatically generated for all of your designs.
Edit Measurements In Real Time
Use our standard measurements or enter your own to automatically draft custom-fitting patterns in seconds.
Instant True-to-Life 3D Garment Simulation (coming soon)
3D simulation has revolutionized the fashion industry, however, long and painful learning curve and high costs of the software made it unavailable to most. Tailornova's game-changing OneClick fashion design software creates 3D simulations instantly and without any learning curve.
E-commerce Integration (coming soon)
Seamless simple integration with most e-commerce sites, XR Smart Mirrors, CAD, CAM, PLMs and on-demand manufacturing factories
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